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Our team of French Tax Advisors is available 24/7 to answer all your questions regarding French taxes. We provide French tax advice in English at a more reasonable cost than a traditional law firm. 

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Our Lawyers can assist you with any questions you may have regarding French taxes and social contributions in a local and international context. We provide French tax advice at a more reasonable cost than traditional law firms with the same level of quality.

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As an expat or future expat you may have questions about French taxes. Our French tax advisors are available to answer all your questions about French taxes.

Tax advice for expats individuals coming to France

Our team of French tax advisors are dedicated to helping expats individuals coming to live, work or retire in France. We help expats having a better understanding of the French tax system and to take advantage of the favorable regimes that may apply. If you are an expat looking for tax advice regarding France, look no further.

Tax advice for expats contemplating to move to France

Our team of French tax advisors can assist you regarding all your questions about French taxes, but not only. We also have experts that can assist you selecting and obtaining the right residence permit in view of your stay in France, whether it is for work or for retirement purposes.

French income tax

Naturally, before coming to France, you may also want to determine what your tax liability to the French income tax (“impôt sur le revenu”) will be when living in France and how your foreign income will be treated when residing in this country.

Again, our team of French tax advisors is used to providing social and tax advice to expats contemplating a move to France. Our assistance can take the form of a memorandum and a simulation of the amount of income tax and social contributions you will have to pay in case you decide to move to France.

French wealth tax on real estate

Our assistance is not limited to the French income tax. We are also used to dealing with high-net-worth individuals who may want to determine in advance if they will be within the scope of the new French wealth tax on real estate (“impôt sur la fortune immobilière”). We help these high-net-worth expats determining if they can benefit from any favorable regime should they move to France and provide them with an estimate their liability to this tax (sometimes also called the property tax) while staying in France.

French inheritance tax and succession law

Our French tax advisors are also competent for assisting expats looking for tax advice regarding French inheritance tax and succession law before moving to France. France, as a civil law country, has a very different rules regarding successions compared to common law countries. For example, freedom of testation can be limited under French succession law, and specific rules may apply regarding the allocation of assets upon the death. Therefore, we assist expats in planning for their succession, especially if they intend to remain in France for long period of times.

Tax advice for expats while living in France

Acquisition of a main or secondary residence in France

We advise expats for the structuring of the acquisition of their main or secondary residence in France. We help them determining whether it is better for them to acquire their residence in their own name or via a French or foreign entity. We assist them at each step of the process, whether it is for checking that there is no issue regarding the property they are willing to buy or for following with a French notary during the sale process.

Tax reporting requirements

Secondly, our team of French tax advisors is used to assisting expats living in France with their tax reporting requirements. We have a particular experience in dealing with the specificities of expats having foreign income and bank accounts or life insurance contracts outside of France. We also developed in a specific expertise in respect of the tax treatment of foreign pension income.

Income tax return and real estate wealth tax return

We assist expats for the annual filing of their income tax return and their real estate wealth tax return. Additionally, we have an in-depth experience in respect of the annual and event-based reporting requirements due by trustees of trust having a French connection. For example, this can be the case when the beneficiaries or the settlor(s) of a trust governed by the law of a US State become tax residents of France. In case some reporting requirements were missed, we help trustees of trusts regularizing their tax situation with the French tax authorities.   

Tax advice for expats leaving France

When leaving France, individuals may be subject to the French “Exit tax” which, to simplify, is due in respect of stocks whose market value exceeds a certain threshold or certain significant shareholdings. However, it is possible to benefit from a deferment of this tax and an exemption provided that certain forms are filed each year with the tax authorities and for a certain period of time. Additionally, expats leaving France may retain investments in this country, such as real estate or stocks, whose income may still need to be reported to the French tax authorities after their departure. 

Our team of French tax advisors is used to assisting expats individuals leaving France complying with these specific reporting requirements. We can liaise with the French tax authorities on behalf of expats individuals after their departure from France for all their tax and social reporting requirements.

If you are an expat individual looking for tax advice, look no further. Our team of French tax advisors will be pleased to assist you.

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